News: Japanese "Precision Walk" Like Robots

Japanese "Precision Walk" Like Robots

This Japanese "Precision Walk" contest has such an extreme military regime vibe, these kids would put even the Nazis to shame. If you like this, don't miss South Korea's equally impressive display of audience synchronization.


I love that there's such a large audience for this competition... I can just hear the conversation: "What are you doing today?"... "I'm going to go check out the precision walking contest, aren't you?" ... "Yeah! I mean, who isn't?"

-"What are you good at?"

For the ironic ones,that type of organized walking is called ART!!!

Ever watch any drum and bugle corps competitions? Heckuva a lot more impressive than this. And they don't have anyone calling out the orders.

This video missed the part where they all transform into a huge Gundam.

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